The SN-Clinic specialises in a number of Sports Therapy treatments which are all designed to help reduce pain, promote the healing process and get you back to normal life. Upon examination there may be a combination of treatments to gain better recovery results. There may also be additional rehabilitation programmes developed, as well as basic home exercises to help speed up your recovery. The treatments that the SN-Clinic provide include:


Sports Massage- Sports Massage also commonly knows as Deep Tissue Massage is a treatment used to help tight muscles that are causing pain and reduced range of mobility within the body. It also improves performance, enhancing muscle recovery and restoring better function to the affected areas, as well as preventing injuries and relieving pain. A sports massage is a treatment designed to assist in correcting imbalances and muscular problems that can be caused from repetitive physical activity and trauma. ​Therefore, is extremely beneficial for people who may work in offices, prolonged driving/sitting roles and any other role causing a build-up of stress and tension. Sports Massage can also improve performance, prevent injuries and relieve pain. A Sports Massage is a treatment designed to assist in correcting imbalances and muscular problems that can be caused from repetitive physical activity and trauma. ​

Back Massage

Spinal Manipulation/Postural Assessments - This is a specialised technique that uses high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) thrusts in order to enhance joint function, reduce pain and inflammation, improve range of motion, optimise performance and help with realignments. Depending on each client the Spinal Manipulation technique will be adapted to meet the specific needs of each condition, most techniques used will lead to an audible "pop" sound when a sudden force to a certain joint is applied when positioned in a certain way. Spinal Manipulation is mostly beneficial for low back pain, mid-back and neck pain which can therefore help with several conditions such as migraines and cervicogenic headaches that are neck and posture related. Upper and lower extremity joint conditions, including whiplash are also treated with Spinal Manipulation as this helps with any muscle balances caused by any mis-alignment of the spine caused through trauma. 

Medical Acupuncture - Also known as Dry Needing can be used to help manage inflammation and pain through the insertion of fine needles promoting the body's natural healing process. This adaptation of the Chinese method is now used with the up-to-date knowledge of anatomy and physiology, treating a high number of musculoskeletal conditions. Medical Acupuncture is now most commonly used to treat; headaches, muscular tightness, joint and nerve pain.

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation - Rehabilitation is a very important factor when over coming an injury with a mindset to help prevent reoccurrences of injuries too. Having the right rehabilitation program for each individual is key to a safe and speedy recovery to get you back into normal daily living. Depending on the injury type a rehabilitation program will focus on weakness area's and imbalances the injury may have caused.

Cupping and Fire Cupping- This therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine and is used all over the world for it's benefits. Applying the cups to certain areas of the body creates a suction increasing blood flow, reducing pain and inflammation whilst improving circulation. Cupping can also be used for relaxation, overall well-being  and deep tissue release. Please note Fire Cupping can not be performed on areas that have a lot of body hair. 


Pregnancy Massage - Can be of enormous benefit not only for mother but for unborn baby. Pregnancy massage helps in a high number of ways, the first is stimulation of the circulation, allowing distribution of essential nutrients and fluid to all vital organs of the body. Pregnancy massage also helps with lymphatic drainage, improve sluggish bowl movements, release compression, induces deep relaxation and will help relief muscle tension. 

The SN-Clinic also use Pain Relief and Muscle Stimulation, CuppingHot Stone Massage, Taping & Strapping, Stretching, Muscle Energy techniques, Kinesio Taping, Mobilisations, Massage Gun and Strengthening to help you get back to health. ​

As always specialist advice is given every time you visit the SN-Clinic.

Full insurance is covered by BGI.UK under the Block Scheme for Osteon Manual Therapy (OMT). Certain aspects include the following: Malpractice, Public Liability, Products Liability and breach of professional duty. ​

Child Physiotherapy
Hot Stone Massage
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