Questions and Answers

What Treatment Should I Select When Making a Booking? 

Depending on what injury you are presenting with, will then in turn depend on what type of appointment would be suitable for you. If you have had a certain treatment in the past such as Sports Massage or Acupucture and it has helped relief your pain and symptoms, then you can just select that particular treatment through our online booking system. However, if you are unsure how you have developed your injury or have not tried any previous treatments, we then would advise booking in for an Initial Consultation under Sports Therapy or Spinal Manipulation. 

Sports Therapy (Musculoskeletal Injuries) Initial Consultation

Sports Therapy (Musculoskeletal Injuries) is a service the SN-Clinic provides for anyone suffering with an Musculoskeletal Injury (MSK). Musculoskeletal injuries are injuries that affects muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves resulting to pain. The most common MSK injuries are muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendonitis, rotator cuff, tennis elbow, trigger finger, tension headaches, back pain and so on. As there are many factors which can contribute to an injury, we advise all new clients to book in for a "Sports Therapy (Musculoskeletal Injuries) Initial Consultation New Client" when using our online booking system. This way we can go through your Consultation, Assessment and Treatment. 

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Spinal Manipulation/Postural Assessment Consultation

Spinal Manipulation/Postural Assessments are most beneficial for anyone who may be complaining  of back pain which can be caused from any spinal alignments such as kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis. Spinal Manipulation can also be used to help with any misalignments of the spine which may have been caused with injuries such as whiplash or any trauma to a joint. The most common injuries that Spinal Manipulation is used for are; whole back pain, poor posture, neck pain, cervicogenic headaches, sciatica and much more. Similar to MSK injuries, Spinal Manipulation also requires a Consultation and Assessment, therefore we advise all new clients to book in under "Spinal Manipulation/Postural Assessment New Client" when using our online booking system.

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How Do I Make an Appointment? 

There are a number of ways to contact the SN-Clinic. The most popular way to book an appointment is by clicking on SN-Clinic - Book appointment ( and selecting what treatment you wish to book in with. As clients can cancel and reschedule their own appointments, any cancellations will be shown in the diary. If you have not been to the SN-Clinic before please select each treatment stating "New Client". You can also contact the SN-Clinic via email at If you prefer to contact the SN-Clinic and speak to one of our Therapists then please contact Stacey on 0751 7575 222 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and Mia on 0785 9906 336 on Tuesdays. Please note the SN-Clinic is a very busy clinic, so if we do not answer your calls please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you when possible.  

How Many Sessions Would I need after the Initial Consultation?

As every client is different, the full number of follow up sessions will depend on the injury itself, such as the severity, condition of the injury, recovery rate of the injury and any previous injuries to the area. On average most clients require 6-8 treatments to gain the overall benefit and to get back to normal function. Some clients respond very well to treatments and respond within a few sessions, whilst others require more appointments. This again will depend on each injury and each person, as everyone is different. Never-the-less, the SN-Clinic will always provide as much help and support as possible, providing additional home stretches and exercises to complete in order to reduce recovery time. It is also then advised to prevent injuries and to keep on top of our bodies to book in for maintenance sessions once per month. 

Will Having a Combination of Treatments Help?

Yes! More and more evidence now suggests that having a combination of treatments can enhance recovery time. Most, if not all of the clients at the SN-Clinic have a combination of treatments and have a better outcome when responding to treatments. For example, runners may have tight legs and by using the Massage Gun it provides a fast and effective way to help loosen off any tight muscles, allowing instant muscle relief upon application and then also incorporating a Sports Massage will allow a deeper approach into any tight/stubborn areas. Another example is having Acupuncture and Sports Massage combined to help with stress, tension and headaches. Depending on the injury will determine what combination of treatments will work together to promote healing and recovery time.