Questions and Answers

Which is the best option when booking an Appointment?

Depending on what you are presenting with will then depend on what appointment would be suitable for you. Anyone suffering with an injury would be advised to book in for an initial consultation. There are many factors which can contribute to an injury, such as poor posture, muscle compensation, muscle imbalances, weakness, over use, other previous injuries and so much more, therefore to eliminate some of the reasoning for the injury an assessment would need to be conducted in order to find the root course. On the other hand, some people know what is causing their injury/pain and have had previous assessments/treatments in the past and with that know what their body responds to. For example stress and tension can lead to headaches, muscle tightness and tension and having a Sports Massage or Acupucture helps relief symptoms. However, if you are unsure how you have developed an injury or have not tried any previous treatments and would like to understand what you may have done, then an initial consultation would be advised. 

What is included during an Initial Consultation?

The initial consultation is for 60 minutes in total, it includes a conversion between yourself and the therapist, explaining how you have developed the injury, what aggravates your symptoms and talking about the injury itself. Once there therapist has gained an understanding, there will be an assessment around the area affected, this normally includes a joint/movements assessment and the therapist palpating the area. Based off the finding during the conversation and the assessment there will then be treatment provided. Depending on what each clients presents with, will then depend on what treatment they will have during the session. 

How many Sessions would I need after my Initial Consultation?

Every client is different, so again this will depend on the injury itself, its severity, how long you have had the injury, any previous treatments and the clients own recovery rate. On average most clients require 6-8 treatments to gain the overall benefit and to get back to normal function. Some clients respond very well to treatments and respond within a few sessions, whilst others require more appointments. This again will depend on each injury and each person as everyone is different. Never-the-less, the SN-Clinic will always provide as much help and support as possible, providing additional home stretches and exercises to complete in order to enhance recovery time.


Do you have to be an Athlete to Book in for a Sports Massage?

The simple answer is NO! Sports Massage has been a treatment for over 3000 years and is often used for people engaged in physical activity as it benefits the individual with their performance. The technique of a Sports Massage can be adapted for each individual to suit there needs, you can adjust how much pressure is applied, positions when treating certain areas, the duration of each treatment and level of treatment techniques used. Each individual is unique and therefore so should there Sports Massages be. 

How does Medical Acupucture work? 

Similar to Sports Massage, Acupucture has been around for hundreds years and is now used by a number of professionals and industries, including NHS GP practices, Physiotherapists and a high number of Pain Relief Clinics. Acupucture can be used to treat a high number of conditions and injuries and works by stimulating the sensory nerves underneath the skin and into the muscles using thin sterile needles. By inserting the needles into specific places on the body, this results in the body producing natural substances such as the pain relieving endorphins and therefore creating the beneficial effects of pain relief and muscle relaxation. Due to the effectiveness of Acupucture it is now commonly used for chronic tension type headaches, migraines, chronic pain, joint paint and other musculosketal conditions. 

Will having a Combination of Treatments Help?

Yes! More and more evidence now suggests that having a combination of treatments can enhance recovery time. Most, if not all of the clients at the SN-Clinic have a combination of treatments and have a better outcome when responding to treatments. For example, runners may have tight legs and by using the Massage Gun is fast effective way to help loosen off any tight muscles, allowing instant muscle relief upon application and then also incorporating a Sports Massage will allow a deeper approach into any tight/stubborn areas. Another example is having Acupuncture and Sports Massage combined to help with stress, tension and headaches. Depending on the injury will determine what combination of treatments will work together to promote healing and recovery time. 

How do I make an Appointment?

There are a number of ways to contact the SN-Clinic. The most popular way is by phone and calling the SN-Clinic directly to make an appointment. As there is only one therapist managing the SN-Clinic any calls that are not answered please leave a brief voicemail and we will get back to you when possible. Alternatively you can text the clinic directly for an appointment, but we advise anyone booking in for a consultation to phone to discuss the given injury. You can also contact via Email, Facebook or Instagram. Please be patient for a reply as the SN-Clinic is very busy and there may be a slight delay in getting back to messages/calls.