Client Reviews

Wayne: Just want to say a huge thank you to Sn-clinic. Private Injury Clinic and Sports Massage. Stacey is fantastic at what she does. She has been working on my shoulder for the last 3 months. I had a lot of pain and stiffness with it but since stacey had been treating it, it feels great, I have so much more mobility in it and hardly any pain at all now. Stacey is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in her craft! I would recommend her to anyone! If you have any issues with injuries and want someone to put you at ease and offer genuine help and advice then give her a call. Thank you Stacey, I appreciate your time!

Donna: Stacey is wonderful, professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to her job. I highly recommend visiting Stacey she treated my trapped nerve in my neck and continues to support me with weak ankles and knees. She's fabulous please give her a call.


Darren: Having had neck and shoulder pain for the last twelve months I made an appointment to see Stacey and she started with acupuncture and deep tissue massage. I have had 4 sessions now and I can honestly say it's feeling the best it has for a year, I'm not in chronic pain every morning when I wake up and I can now move my head without extreme pain. So with a few more sessions I'm hopeful of feeling a new person. Can't thank Stacey enough, highly recommended.

Ashley: Following a number of months off running due to ankle and shin injuries I was referred to SN-clinic in an attempt to get back running and cross training. Stacey is very knowledgeable and was quick to diagnose the (multiple) injuries I had. Stacey recommended acupuncture and sports massages to loosen muscle tightness and provided me mobility exercises for me to complete during my own time. I'm happy to say that after only two sessions my ankle mobility significantly increased and I was no longer hobbling around on tight calves. I would certainly recommend SN-clinic for all your sports-injury-fixing needs!

Karen: Fantastic lady. I have just came back from having a treatment on my back I feel real good and would definitely recommend her to anyone who need treatment 100% happy and thank you once again. 

Simon: Came here after a recommendation. Had Achilles problems from overuse/ running. Stacey assessed the problem, gave me advice on to deal with it moving forwards and treated the immediate pain. 2 weeks later I ran a half marathon as planned. Have since recommended to my son for his running injuries and to a family friend for long term back problems. Stacey is now our go to physio for sports massage. Highly recommended.

Steve: I first went to SN-Clinic at the beginning of February. After the initial consultation, I was diagnosed with various conditions and a weekly rehab program was put together. I went back to my chosen sport fitter, faster and stronger. I would recommend the SN-Clinic to anyone who is keen to get back into their sport. 

Shaminder: Stacey is professional and friendly and I look forward to attending my appointments as I always come out feeling better. I would highly recommend her as she always goes the extra mile and tailors the treatment to individual need. Fantastic!

Adam: Fantastic clinic and with a fantastic person at the helm! Have recently been at the SN Clinic from a recommendation and glad I did! Stacey knows what she is talking about from going over the injury at the start to the treatment itself. Everything is done professionally and very friendly. Couldn't recommend enough!


Kerry: For as long as i can remember iv had chronic back pain it always niggled at me and always having bouts of sciatica i have never been "just comfortable" .. I'm a busty woman and believed my issues to stem from this with poor posture growing up. One day while on google my hubby noticed a ad for a clinic i had not really though of another person helping me as no one knew where my pain was but he said why not go check it out .. so i did .. i could not believe how good Stacey was she was so warm and welcoming which put me right at ease and after what seemed like an age talking to her she knew exactly where i was getting my pain .. now i see her every 2 weeks for acupuncture and soft tissue massage and my life is transformed.

Saleh: I've been seeing Stacey regularly now for the past few months after suffering for years with aches and pains. Can honestly say she excels herself at every session with her great advice and knowledgeable techniques I leave feeling rejuvenated. Where the NHS let me down over 3 years, in a matter of weeks Stacey has helped me feel the best I've ever done. She goes above and beyond and genuinely cares. Highly recommended. Thank you Stacey and I wish you every success with the clinic.

Carl: Have had 2 appointments and feel the improvements already from these 2 treatments. I'm very impressed with the service and skill. I would recommend everyone to visit Stacey as she works wonders and knows exactly how to treat your problems.

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